As I sit down to share my bitter experience, it’s with a heavy heart and a wiser perspective on the importance of being prepared for life’s unexpected turns.

My journey into the world of Emergency Power of Attorney (EPA) began when my parents, once full of life and independence, suddenly found themselves unable to make crucial decisions due to health issues.

This situation thrust me into a legal maze I was ill-prepared for, highlighting the critical need for a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

The Court of Protection: A Daunting Experience

When my parents lost their decision-making capacity, I was introduced to the Court of Protection. This court steps in when individuals haven’t set up an LPA.

I was overwhelmed by the complexity and length of the process. The court fees, legal expenses, and the cost of appointing a deputy were just the beginning.

These ongoing costs, coupled with the need for regular supervision and reassessment by the court, made it a financially and emotionally draining experience.

The Reality of Assessing Mental Capacity

Determining my parents’ mental capacity was a heart-wrenching process, requiring professional evaluations that were both costly and time-consuming.

The realisation that LPAs should have been set up earlier was a hard pill to swallow. The initial costs were just the tip of the iceberg, as ongoing expenses for management and legal advice soon piled up.

Deputies: A Necessary but Complex Solution

Without an LPA in place, the Court of Protection appointed deputies to manage my parents’ affairs.

This process involved not just significant initial legal fees and court costs but also ongoing expenses.

Having a third party manage my parents’ affairs felt intrusive and impersonal, a constant reminder of our lack of foresight.

Navigating the Court’s Decision-Making Process

The Court of Protection’s thorough decision-making process, while in the best interest of my parents, extended the timeframe and increased the costs significantly.

The need for ongoing legal advice added to our continuous financial burden, making me feel like we were stuck in an endless loop of bureaucracy.

The Lesson on Lasting Power of Attorney

This ordeal taught me the value of setting up an LPA. While it involves upfront costs, it’s far more cost-effective and emotionally manageable than the reactive approach we were forced to take.

Managing an LPA would have given us control and reduced the ongoing costs and reliance on external parties.

Compensation Claims: An Added Layer of Complexity

Handling compensation claims for my parents under the Court of Protection added another layer of complexity and cost.

The ongoing management fees, especially in cases requiring a professional deputy, were substantial and added to our growing list of responsibilities and expenses.

The Application Process: Time-Consuming and Costly

Applying for Court of Protection assistance was a lengthy and costly affair. The initial filing fees and the costs for obtaining medical reports were just the beginning.

The ongoing costs associated with case management, including periodic legal fees and court costs, were a constant strain on our resources.


Navigating the EPA process and dealing with the Court of Protection was a journey filled with financial strain, emotional turmoil, and regret over not having set up an LPA for my parents.

The ongoing financial commitments were substantial, and the lack of control was disheartening. This experience has taught me the importance of taking advice, early consultation, and proactive planning.

Finding Peace with Wills Tax & Trust Ltd.

During this chaos, I decided to put our own financial affairs and legal documentation in order and found solace with Wills, Tax & Trusts Ltd.

Specialising in high-quality legal documentation and bespoke Lasting Powers of Attorney, they offered the guidance and support I desperately needed. Their comprehensive care packages for attorneys provided considerable peace of mind, ongoing support, and understanding.

They also provided us with advance care directives (living wills), which I hadn’t heard of before.

With their help, I’ve been able to secure my own future, ensuring that my affairs will be managed as per my wishes without burdening my children with the challenges I faced.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your peace of mind and take control of your future with Wills Tax & Trust Ltd. They are more than just an advisory firm; they are a partner in future planning, offering compassion and expertise when you need it most.

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