Despite your fondness for your childen, you may still feel a sense of relief or freedom, when they’ve gone. Now’s the time to do all the things you planned to do (without the children), make sure you do them!

Before you embark on your spending spree, make sure you can fund these extravagances and fund your lifestyle in the future by getting a financial review from a lifestyle planner.

You will shortly be taking regular withdrawals from your pension and other form of savings, there are a number of things to consider:-

Firstly – will your planned withdrawals be sufficient to cover your expenses, both now and in the years ahead.

Secondly – what is the tax effect of both the withdrawals and any other income you are in receipt of?

Thirdly – make sure you take planned withdrawals from an allocated amount of cash, and not investments with capital variances.

Let’s assume you have got the basics right, what’s next:-
• Review your Wills
• Set up Trusts, to ensure your assets pass to your bloodline
• Ensure you have lasting Powers of Attorney

Plan to enjoy your life whilst you are still fit and able.

If you are planning to help your children with deposits – don’t, this is best achieved by funding via a trust.

Oh, and don’t forget that party!