Grenfell Tower was a catastrophe, that could have been prevented, so why should young people pay attention to the awful consequences for the families…

We all tend to be over optimistic about weighing the odds of bad things happening to us, that’s because most of us live in a bubble, so we’re safe from the bad things that happen to other people.

Young adults are full of vitality and life, with high energy levels and a love of life.

You find a partner and then you have children, this means a rapid increase in your responsibilities and often a loss of the partners income for a period.

The loss of income may prevent you from:-

• Taking out proper levels of protection for the family to ease the financial impact of death or critical illness.
• Paying for a properly drafted Will – essential if you co-habit or have children.
Of course, you may think that – it’ll never happen to me?


Psychologists call it unrealistic comparative optimism. What that means is that we tell ourselves things like, “I’m a better driver than everyone else, so I’ll never get in an accident.”

Of course, I’m not suggesting you adopt a pessimistic attitude, just that we consider what would happen to your loved ones without these protections in place. Then maybe you can avoid thinking that this will never happen to you. Life can change faster than we think, and assuming your safe, can lead to financial disaster.

The cost of all these arrangements is very small. If money is tight then either set of parents may be willing make these payments on your behalf for the first few years while you are getting on your feet.

If you make a Will – consider a Lifetime Will that you can make changes as often as you like, without paying the full cost again.