Ray L Best

From the aircraft hangars of the Royal Air Force to the strategic realms of business and finance, Ray Best’s journey is a tale of ambition and relentless pursuit of knowledge.

His next career step took him into the world of business efficiency and established a formidable reputation as head of strategy. Yet success in this field was not enough; there was something lacking.

Ray’s career path took a heartfelt turn. He found his true calling in the financial sector, where he could directly impact individuals and families. This transition was not just a professional shift but also a personal one, as it allowed Ray to connect more deeply with clients.

A role that transcended mere financial advice; it became about understanding and empathising with people’s life stories and helping them secure their financial futures. He had found his vocation in life, as dealing with clients face-to-face marked a significant and fulfilling chapter in Ray’s career, where his expertise in strategy was now complemented by the warmth and satisfaction of personal client relationships.

He initially worked for an insurance company but later established his own company as an independent financial adviser. In his own words, “he never looked back”. As a testament to his expertise, Ray earned a place in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, a recognition reserved for the most successful in the field.

A challenge from a seminar participant inspired Ray to pursue writing, which resulted in significant achievements in this field. His published works, such as ‘Inheritance Tax Planning: My Way’ and ‘Shareholder Protection and Partnership Protection’, have not only garnered attention but have also cemented his status as an authority in the field.

Particularly noteworthy is his joint work with Tony Granger, ‘Inheritance Tax Simplified’, which stands as a testament to his deep understanding of complex financial matters.

Ray loves spending time with his family and watching rugby when he is not involved with the intricacies of finance and tax planning. He also has a keen interest in the arts, particularly in understanding the lives of painters and how their experiences have influenced their art.



4 TaxAdvisor books and 2 books written by Ray called Inheritance Tax Simplified and Protection Shareholders