Having a secure business succession plan will enable you to move forwards with confidence.

Business succession planning is a series of logistical and financial decisions about who will take over your business upon retirement, death, or disability.

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Ray Best

Like his academic development, writing came late to Ray. He has written several published works, “Inheritance Tax Planning – My Way” and “Shareholder Protection & Partnership Protection” and has had four feature articles published in Tax Adviser magazine, but the publication he is most noted for is the joint collaboration with Tony Granger “Inheritance Tax Simplified”.

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Why Make a Will

If you have assets or children then making a Will is a must, not only is making a Will an important towards achieving peace of mind, but it can also be a first step towards Inheritance Tax Planning.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

With a penal tax charge of 40% you would think that more people would take inheritance tax seriously, any tax paid will be deducted from the value of your estate and snatched away from your children.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Criticism and abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney led to the introduction of the Lasting Power of Attorney, there is one LPA for Finance and Property and a different LPA for Health & Welfare.

Residence Nil Rate Band

An illustrative guide to understanding the Residence Nil Rate Band. The additional inheritance tax savings can be worth £140,000 if you have a Modern Integrated Will with flexible wording to suit your circumstances.

Making a Will - Creditors and Bankruptcy

This video discusses creditors and bankruptcy issues when making a will and provide a quick guide to one of the most important issues to think about when making a will.

Cross-Option Agreements

A quick guide to Cross-Option agreements for UK businesses. Hopefully, you will have taken some time to consider what might happen after you're gone and completed a company will to deal with your business assets.

Financial Planning for Long-Term Care

A guide to financial planning for long term care. If you are like most married couples, you probably know who you are going to leave your home to when you die.

Generational Inheritance Tax

Here's a tax fact that may make you more than a little angry. Your children, even your grandchildren, may have to pay tax on money that you've already paid tax on.

Making a Will - Asset Protection for your Beneficiaries

Writing a will gives you control over what happens to your assets when you die. Despite the recession, house prices are still through the roof.

Making a Will - Divorce and Beneficiaries

Even if you set up a will and have very clear ideas regarding your beneficiaries, what you've planned, may not actually happen.

Making a Will - Remarriage After Death

Making a will ensures that your money goes to your chosen beneficiaries. You probably have clear ideas about what will happen to your Estate when you die.