Do You Require Financial Planning?

If you are like most married couples, you probably know who you are going to leave your home to when you die.

Worryingly, if you and your partner own the property jointly, then your plans may not be realised.

Imagine the council taking away your home from your children, after you’d slaved your entire life to pay off the mortgage.

How does that make you feel? Angry? Worried? Concerned?

Owning a property jointly means you and your partner each own 100%, so when you die, it will pass over to your other half.

But what happens if your partner later goes into care and has no money to pay for it?

Picture of Ray Best

Ray Best

Like his academic development, writing came late to Ray. He has written several published works, “Inheritance Tax Planning – My Way” and “Shareholder Protection & Partnership Protection” and has had four feature articles published in Tax Adviser magazine, but the publication he is most noted for is the joint collaboration with Tony Granger “Inheritance Tax Simplified”.

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