You feel great, like you felt at age 30, yet your mirror is telling you otherwise…

It’s easy at your stage of life to sit back and relax and take things easy.


Start an exercise programme, regular proper exercise such as walking or cycling, make sure you do at least 25 to 30 minutes a day where your breathing is harder than normal. Do this every day.


Your circle of friends will get smaller. You will frequently go to funerals.
You need to develop new interests and hobbies and extend your circle of friends NOW.


It’s tempting to have a glass or two every evening – don’t – keep drinking alcohol as a treat to savour for just one or two nights a week.

• Review your Wills and Trusts
• Ensure you have lasting Powers of Attorney
• HMRC collected 4.7 Billion in Inheritance Tax Receipts in 2015, to stop HMRC becoming the largest beneficiary of your estate – seek advice.
• The Community Care Act – is your family briefed on how to deal with the administration requirements?