What we have found over the years is that providing financial planning advice only, isn’t enough. To complete the financial planning one must ensure that family or business assets are protected with robust legal documentation.

Every family and business should take the time to provide a ring of protection with adequate protection policies and robust Wills and Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

After all it was a lot of hard work accumulating your wealth in the first place, so why allow some of the money to be snatched by HMRC – or handed on a plate to someone your son or daughter happened to be married to !

It’ll never happen to me!

We all tend to be over optimistic about weighing the odds of bad things happening to us, that’s because most of us live in a bubble, so we’re safe from the bad things that happen to other people.


Psychologists call it unrealistic comparative optimism. What that means is that we tell ourselves things like, “I’m a better driver than everyone else, so I’ll never get in an accident,” or ” Serves my neighbour right, I warned him to replace those dodgy roof tiles, I would have.”

This unrealistic optimism is evident in many financial transactions clients make and extends even to the drafting of important legal documentation including errors in their Wills.

What is often lacking when making these arrangements is proper advice and full explanations of what is involved and what this means for your beneficiaries.

We take the time with our clients to ensure they understand the need for protecting their family and or business.

Building rewarding relationships

At our initial meeting, we ensure we have a thorough understanding of both your assets and your needs.

With that knowledge, we can identify the right solution to enable you to properly protect your assets and those you care for. For further information, please click here to contact us.